Monday, May 5, 2008

From the mouths of toddlers

Last week one of the sweet little girls in our class came over to me and just started wiping her hand across my forehead. So, eventually, I asked her what she was doing. And she said she was just trying to get "it" off. Well, after a few minutes of me wiping at my forehead and asking her if I got it yet, and her saying "no, Miss Kim, it's still there", I realized she was talking about the wrinkles in my forehead.

Mind you, this was after she pointed to the pimple on my chin and asked me what that was. And I said, "I just have a little bump." And she said, "I want to have it." And I said, "Just You Wait." She also told me that she wanted to push on my booby, but that's a story for another time. The toddlers, it seems, are curious about the human body.

So I spent most of the weekend thinking about these wrinkles on my face and wondering if I should do something about them. Botox? Restilin? Acid peel?
Well, today I got my answer. Today, another one of our little girls talked about carousels all day long. She built one out of blocks, she told me a story about one, and she pretended she was riding one. I thought it was a little strange, but whatever. Then at the end of the day, she came and sat in my lap facing me and said she wanted to pray. So I said okay. And she prayed, very intensely, that God would make that carousel she wanted to ride not so scary. So now when I look in the mirror and see all those wrinkles, I'm just going to pray to God to make them seem not so scary. And I will embrace them. It's called aging with dignity. Also, it's cheaper than cosmetic surgery.

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  1. what an amazing story. you should write a book or maybe include it in Chicken Soup for the Soul (well, or something like this...something not as cheesy). thanks for sharing. i loved it!