Friday, August 8, 2008

Nobody knows the troubles I've seen

When Mike and I were flying back from Pennsylvania last week, I stopped in the airport bathroom before take off because I can't stand the thought of using the bathroom on an airplane. I had my wallet with me and accidentally left it in the bathroom stall on my way out. Not ten minutes later I realized what I had done and ran back to the restroom to see if it was still there. It wasn't. I was frantic. Our plane was going to start boarding in the next few minutes and that wallet had everything except for my driver's license (thank goodness) inside it.

So I ran down to the information booth and talked to the ladies there but nothing had been turned in. They said they would call me if it turned up. Luckily, just before we boarded I heard a page over the airport PA system asking me to come to the information desk. When I got there, they had my wallet! It was missing the cash in it (only $20), but all of my credit cards and personal stuff was still in it. Needless to say, I felt stupid for leaving it in the bathroom but so happy it got returned to me. I wasn't even that mad that someone had stolen my cash.

Yesterday, I got my wallet out to look for a frequent customer card I have to a local pizza place here. I opened up the back pocket where I keep all my freebies and gift cards and things. It was practically empty. This was the one compartment I hadn't checked at the airport. So, it turns out not only did someone steal my cash but they stole all of the gift cards I had in there. I wasn't mad about the cash but for some reason I was really ticked off about the stolen gift cards. Because I mean they were a GIFT. From people thanking me for taking care of their children last year. And I had been saving one that was for a local spa manicure for a rainy day when I really needed a pick me up. And now my pick me up is gone. And with it, my faith in humankind. I know it could have been a whole lot worse. They could have taken my credit cards and stolen my identity. But then they would have left a paper trail that might have gotten them caught. Oh, airport thief, I hope you have a good time shopping at Target and Barnes and Noble. And I hope that when you go to the spa to get your manicure the lady slips just a little bit and cuts you with her cuticle clippers. It's the least you deserve.


  1. That is so wrong. I am really sorry that happened to you.

  2. oh, that totally sucks! i'm so sorry all those wonderful treats were stolen from you. :( i, too, would feel a loss in humankind.

  3. Please tell me your favorite store or food place, or wherever you would like to receive a gift, I would like to restore humankind just a little. :)

  4. how thoughtful mel! no need. i'm bouncing back!