Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Bump Week 20

I turned a corner in this pregnancy last week and am happy to report I'm feeling really good! Still can't stand the thought of being in close proximity to raw chicken but most of the nausea has passed and I'm getting some energy back. Little Emma is on the move a lot now and Jake said her name today while patting my stomach. I hope he has some clue about what's coming!


  1. You are so cute and I like your dress.
    And, Jake has no clue what's coming.

  2. I love the name and can hardly wait to hold her. You are very cute. You and Mike have such a sweet family. Love, Mom

  3. You are such a cute prenant person! I'm jealous! and I LOVE name Emma, I am trying to get Paul to like Ella, But we will see! Hey did you hear that Kristina is pregnant now too? I guess I'm the only one left now that isn't prenant again!

  4. you look great! Glad to hear you're feeling better.