Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Recap

Okay, Halloween is so much fun with a toddler! Jake had an okay time at the Fall Festival at our church. He really wanted to get in the bouncy house but they wouldn't let anyone under three in. Bummer. He did get to play a baseball game that he enjoyed though. He had the most fun when we got home and decided to take him trick or treating. He carried his little pumpkin bucket and raced up to the doors holding it out once he figured out he was going to get candy. He even said trick or treat a time or two although it sounded more like "tick o teak". I swear he loved his dino costume, but we could not get a picture of him smiling with it on.


  1. I bet that cute little dino has a cute little laugh! To bad you can't get a vid of it!