Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friends are Friends Forever

A couple of weeks ago Jake and I were out walking through our neighborhood when I noticed a car had stopped at the corner nearest us and there was a lady inside just staring at us. I figured she was just marveling at the gorgeousness that is Jake and didn't think much of it. But then I noticed she was clearly looking at me and mouthing something at the same time. So after looking behind me to make sure she wasn't talking to someone else I just looked at her and kind of shrugged my shoulders. Then the car turned the corner and left.

Only then it stopped again and the lady got out. At which point I thought, this lady is going to try to steal my child. I was prepared. I've still got some kickboxing skills I learned years ago back before marriage and babies happened. Just ask Mike. I could kick some butt if I had to. It might have been a little trickier with this belly offsetting my sense of balance, but like a lion protecting her cub I stood there thinking, "Bring it on lady, BRING IT ON."

However, I quickly realized that the child napper was smiling widely and saying my name! Turns out she was no threat at all. Turns out we were friends back in junior high and high school! Weird. I couldn't believe she recognized me after all this time. She actually said that my face looks exactly the same! God bless you Terasa. My wrinkles and age spots thank you.

Anyway, we exchanged some info and the following week she was gracious enough to invite Amy and I to the resort she works at for lunch. It was fancy! It was also good to spend time with friends who knew me when I hairsprayed my bangs up in the front and loved me anyways.

My most vivid memory involving Terasa was the night of the Great Escape. We were in high school and one of my friends called around midnight saying they were coming to pick me up to go toilet paper some cute boys house. Being the considerate teenager that I was, I decided not to wake up my parents and ask them if I could go. I just climbed out the bedroom window when the car pulled up out front. If I remember correctly, one of the girls moms was actually driving us around. So after an hour of TP'ing they dropped me off at my house. I quietly crept back up to my window and discovered with great horror that my bedroom window had been closed and locked. One second later, the porch light goes on and I hear my daddy say "Kimberly Val." You know you're in trouble when you hear the middle name being brought out. Needless to say, all of the girls ran off in different directions and left me to face the music all by myself. I swear even the mom driving took off before she could be implicated. And that's the night my parents took the handle off the inside of my bedroom window rendering it impossible to open. Which I might add was a huge fire escape violation. How was I supposed to escape a house fire if I couldn't climb out my bedroom window? It's a chance they were willing to take. To this day, I don't think they've put that handle back on. Anyhow, I wanted to post a picture of us girls after lunch the other day but I seem to have deleted it. Too bad because I think we look much better now with straighter hair and no blue eye shadow.


  1. I remember it well!! The reason for a lot of my gray hair. Love, Mom

  2. Ha ha! Kim I LOVE your posts! and your kickboxing skills, reminds me a little of nepoleon dinemite... numchuck sills... love it... i sure miss ya... sorry i'm such a bad friend!

  3. To answer your question... Super Saturday is a saturday that we have 3 or 4 crafts that we have people sign up to do in adavance and its a saturday afternoon that you come and do the crafts you sign up for... all wemon, all day, lots of fun. We have food, and recipies, and free stuff to do also! I was there for 10 and a half hours this year! ahhh!!

  4. Friends are friends forver, but you delete our pictures, huh? :)