Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to school

We're gearing up for a new year of preschool around here. Our mother's day out program starts again on Monday. I'll be teaching three year olds this year with my friend Leslie and Jake and Emma will both be going to their own classes. Leslie and I met most of our kids last night at Open House and they are all so cute I want to eat them up.

This morning I started talking to Jake about going back to school and he seemed very excited although he kept talking about his teachers from last year. Apparently Ms. Joanne and Ms. Keri gave him lots of yummy crackers last year and he is hoping for the same treatment this year. Unfortunately, I did not mention to his new teacher last night that he would need to be fed a constant supply of crackers because I just did not know this fact about my child. I did, however, let them in on the fact that he is funny, high energy and just a little bit sensitive. I also mentioned that they might want to let him hang on to Mr. Crab for naptime and on occasions when he's feeling sad. Most everyone at church already know about Crabby and that he is Jake's companion so I thought it would be self evident that you don't separate the two. However, last Sunday as I was getting Jake out of his carseat to go into Sunday School he looked at me and said "teacher better not take my Crabby away." Well, then. I kindly asked them to let him hold onto Crab as long as he needed it and I'm sure they complied even though he was tucked neatly away in Jake's backpack when I went to pick him up. I'm telling you--never come between a boy and his crab. I'm pretty sure that's even in the Bible somewhere.

Anyway, we're all looking forward to a new year. I'll try to get pictures of their first day of school Monday morning but I make no promises since this will be the first time EVER that I will have to get all of us up and ready and out the door by 7:30am. Everyone say a quick prayer please.


  1. ok so let me get this straight. you take your kids to mom's day out twice a week so that you can work with more kids twice a week? you are my hero...

  2. oh i wish i was worthy of that status! we need for me to work part time, i like getting out of the house and my kids get to go really cheap since i work there!

  3. Good luck on your first week back and especially getting everyone ready and out the door. (I'm learning to actually like the re-heated coffee in the am as I push everyone into the car!)