Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mama by day, interior decorator by night

Since I can't seem to put more than one coherent thought together per day I decided to document the progress of our house while we're "getting it together." I think I'll start with Emma's room because it's my favorite. Mike let me decorate her room and I eventually gave in and let him decorate Jake's. They both turned out really cute. We went with a pretty green for Emma's room with a lot of bright accents. Here are some pictures.

This is the crib we bought for her. I thought black furniture would look really good with the wall color. I love, love, love this crib. It has a lower than normal front so short people can actually reach their babies without standing on their tip toes and then bending way over to get them.

One day while I was perusing the aisles at Target I came across these polka dot decals and fell in love with them. Then I proceeded to buy a polka dot curtain and a polka dot stool that also match her polka dot crib set. Her room is very happy and bright. I just hope she doesn't grow up with an unnatural fear of dots.

No, she didn't fall out of her crib here. She just enjoys playing on her hot pink shag carpet.

I found these nice, big letters for her name at Michaels. We slapped a little black paint on them and I think they look very chic. I also love calling her by her full name. Emma Mae. Very cute. I love the polka dots on the lamp but I don't love the lamp. I'm currently looking for a smaller, black one.

We found a dresser on Craig's list and painted it black to match...

And last but not least we got my favorite picture of our newborn girl at only five days old framed and put it right over that dresser. Isn't she sweet? (Picture by Elle Mendenhall)

Jake likes to hang out in sister's room.

I think Emma Mae likes it too.


  1. TOOO CUTE! And it looks even better in person, I LOVE the letters and how you put her middle name too. I think she should go by Emma's different in a good way. Very southern.

  2. sooooooo cute! Love her room. Can you come decorate our house!?!?