Monday, September 14, 2009

Diet Diaries

Perhaps I shouldn't have started this whole blogging what I'm eating while we have friends in town. But I'm gonna go ahead and follow through on it. After a week of this I'm going to evaluate things and see where I can make changes. Then maybe I'll just do a general blog about how things are going once a week. We'll see. I don't want the public to get bored with me! Okay, here we go.

Breakfast: bowl of cereal with blueberries on it (how come i can start out so good in the mornings and go so far downhill after that?)

Snack at school: one unfrosted cupcake. (it was one of our kid's birthday and i like to celebrate with people!)

Lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat with mustard, banana, coke zero

Snack: three sour gummy worms

Dinner: we went to Texas Roadhouse-prime rib, loaded baked potato, house salad with ranch, multiple rolls, strawberry margarita (oh, yes it was good)

The upside? I was so full that I didn't eat a piece of chocolate cake when we got home.

The downside? No workout today either.


  1. Okay, let's break it down. Hammer Time!
    Breakfast=good job I give you a B+

    Morning snack=not good, white flour, sugar, but no frosting will give you a C+ get a point for the coke zero vs. regular coke, but that point gets subtracted due to the cheese on the sandwich, you did have a fruit
    I'd say B-

    Afternoon snack=eh....not much food, but it's sugar...let's go with an even C. You need some protein.

    Dinner=It all came undone. F and I think you can figure out the reason for that.

    I think you should be starting this after your company leaves.
    Let's talk and set up a plan...I will do this with you because I need help too. xoxoxo

  2. Wow! An F for dinner? I had protein! okay, you will have to help me do this. our friends leave today so we can start tomorrow or the next day! and how come i only get a b+ for breakfast? this is gonna drive me crazy because you know i need to be a straight A student...