Monday, September 7, 2009

The Great Debate

Mike and I had many a discussion over how we wanted to decorate Jake's room. Mike really wanted to do everything in the theme of the Cars movie because Jake loves that movie and he loves to play with all of his little cars toys from the movie. I was hoping to just do some red, blue and yellow paint and accessorize a little bit with pictures of cars in general or balls or something else little boys like to play with. I really didn't want to do a movie theme because I figured that next year Jake would be onto the next movie and we would have to redecorate with Finding Nemo Two stuff or Ice Age Four stuff.

In the end, Mike won the battle. I just gave up. Except I did convince him to not put up a Cars border around the room and instead convinced him that he could paint a black and white Nascar-ish flag border around the room. I bet you anything he wishes he hadn't conceeded on that point now. It took for freakin' ever for him to get that border done right! It's very hard to paint a border on textured walls we found out. But I think the final product looks really good. His room is almost finished. I'm just looking for a dresser and a picture or two to hang on the walls. And we need to paint the letters for his name and put them above his bed. I'm thinking red.

Here are some pics. Prepare to be amazed at my skills as a photographer. It's almost like I gave the camera to Jake.

My dad built his bed. He's had it since he was a new born. As soon as we can figure out how to get the rails from Amarillo down here, we can convert it into a full size bed.

Jake has seen Cars so many times now that he can quote a lot of the movie. The cutest thing is that now he has started acting out all of the scenes with his toy cars. Whatever cars are on screen at the moment are the cars he'll be playing with, saying their lines for them and everything. Just think about what he could do if we used his time more wisely! He could be quoting the classics or learning to play the piano with his feet or something. Oh, well. We did spend some time today saying hello to the sunflowers.

I love how he lines his cars up in his bed. He sleeps with every single one we can find at night and naptime. Along with Crabby. He will always have Crabby.

This is the last thing I'm going to say about Jake's room. I showed Mike a picture of some cars and trains at Target the other day because I thought it would look good above Jake's bed. He told me we couldn't get it because it didn't match the Cars theme and all. Then a few days later I came in and saw Mike hanging glow in the dark stars and planets from Jake's ceiling. I was all "um, that doesn't have anything to do with Cars either!" And he was all "this is my room to decorate, get out!" Minus the "get out" part. But still. It didn't seem quite fair to me...however, Jake does like to count his stars and "moons" at night before he goes to sleep so I guess I can't complain too much.

The kids like to hang out together in his room also.


  1. Both Jake's room and emma's room are super cute. I need you to come here and give me decorating advice!

  2. thanks cathy, i would love to come visit!