Monday, October 5, 2009

The backyard saga's

When we moved into our new house there was no backyard. Well, there was a space with a fence around it, but it was just filled with dirt. Since then, our dirt has grown a multitude of different colored weeds. Some of them are quite pretty. However, we want grass. And flowers. I want flowers.

Anyway, a few weeks ago when our friends Mike and Ivy came out to visit us from California they took us to a nursery and bought us three trees. We got a Texas red oak, a crepe myrtle and a lemon tree. They also helped us come up with an overall plan for the yard. It will be really nice if we ever get it done. Considering the fact that it took almost three weeks to get the trees in the ground (because as it turns out our dirt has a layer of rock under it), I'm thinking that we may have our official unveiling of the yard sometime in 2011. Meanwhile, I'll document our progress. This promises to be almost as riveting as my diet diaries. So, here's what we started with:

The first thing we did was to seal the fence. I got half of it done before we ran out of sealer and have not been able to finish it since it has been raining cats and dogs here ever since.

Then, Mike dug hole number one and planted the red oak.

It's branches are a little wonky right now, but I'm sure it will be fine once it outgrows this awkward teenage stage.

Next, he attempted to dig hole number two for the crepe myrtle but ran into the solid layer of rock. So, we decided to plant that tree in a raised bed rather than go rent a jack hammer to try and break up the rock. Now, I think we're going to have to put a box around the oak to make them look similiar because my OCD is not liking the different styles out there right now.

Next week on the backyard saga's: topsoil, how much do we need and what's it gonna cost? i'm telling you, this is good stuff.


  1. Your backyard will be beautiful but I really need more pictures of Jake and Emma. Love, Mom

  2. How fun!
    So what is your plan for the yard?
    Do Texans build patio shades or decks or anything? (really..I don't know). Any meandering paths or water features?

  3. well, the plan is for a big flower bed along the backside of the fence, two square foot gardens, a composter, and yes, a patio and arbor. a sprinkler system would be nice. all depends on money of course!