Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diet Diaries

Oh dear. It looks like I've gained another 2 tenths of a pound. Those first three pounds just melted right off and now I've hit a plateau. I might have to do something drastic like start eating salad or something. Thoughts please?


  1. Sounds like you need margs and tex mex. : )

  2. I gained 2 pounds so I am obviously not the one to offer advice.

  3. katha, i'm not allowed to have margs anymore...

    cathy, it's so frustrating isn't it?!

  4. well my friend, at OUR age sometimes we have to resort to drastic measures. i'm on a diet too and i have been eating only lean meats and veggies. no bread or bad carbs at all! hard but i have knocked off about 5 pounds.

    and no margs. a crying shame if you ask me....

  5. Yes...but you went down first!
    I can't even get the scale to move to the left!!!