Friday, October 2, 2009

Emma Mae

Emma has officially started crawling! She's been practicing for several days now. Unlike Jake who took off as soon as he tried it the first time, she has had more of an evolutionary process to the art of crawling. She started off with the typical rocking on all fours, then started pulling herself along the carpet with her hands and finally progressed to the official crawl state. I'm so proud of her! I'm posting a picture of her in what I think is one of THE cutest brands of little girl clothing ever-Rufflebutts. If you have a little girl, you should check out their website. So cute. The clothes are on the pricey side but they have occasional sales. Of course, I bought this outfit on sale and it is much cuter in person. Someday, I'm gonna take a photography class. And someday, Emma is going to stop squinting when I bring out the camera.


  1. rufflebuts are one of the things i'll miss most about not having a daughter. love it.

  2. Sure wish I could see her. Maybe I can buy her some rufflebuts when we get there. Love, Mom