Monday, December 7, 2009

Pioner Woman live and in person

Thursday night I had the pleasure of meeting a real live famous blogger in person! I recently bought a cookbook that Pioneer Woman published with a lot of her wonderful, down-home cooking recipes in it. I've been a fan of hers for some time now ever since Amy advised me to check out her blog when I started my own blog a couple years ago. She's very funny and I particularly enjoy the cooking portion of her blog. Her recipes are pretty easy to follow and she includes step by step photos of every recipe.

So anyway, she came to Austin last week for a book signing at a local book store. Amy and I went early to get a wristband ensuring that we would be able to stand in the line to get her to sign our cookbooks. We could not believe how many people showed up for this thing. It must be so surreal for PW (or Ree as I can now call her seeing as how we've met and are really tight now) to see this massive following of people she has all from starting up a blog a few years ago. We waited for about three hours for her to come out and speak. She did a 20 minute question/answer thing and was completely adorable. Her family was with her and they have become quite the celebrities in the blogging world as well. There was a collective gasp from the audience when we got our first peek of her husband. Here he is. She calls him Marlboro Man.

He got just as much attention as she did. Everyone was taking his picture and asking him to sign their books. He seemed really good natured about it all.

After she spoke the line formed for the official book signing. Amy and I stood in line trying to think of something witty and clever to say to her. Honestly, we racked our brains and could not think of anything which meant we just had to improvise when we finally got up to the desk to meet her. Amy complimented her on her public speaking because Ree said right off the bat the she was no good at it. Totally false. She was delightful. Then I muttered some lame comment about how my husband would like to thank her for teaching me how to cook him good food. After that stimulating conversation we got to pose for pictures with her.

While in line Amy and I also debated the pros and cons of hunching down to be more at eye level with her when we had the picture made. Amy said she didn't want to do that because it looked dorky or something. So just as the picture was being taken I naturally bent down a little to get on PW's level but then I looked at Amy and saw she was standing up straight so then I stood up straight and ended up looking like I'm just lurking behind her. Kind of creepy. And also, I totally forgot to suck in my tummy. Oh, well. She was so nice and it was kind of cool to meet a famous blogger. We even got a free tee shirt just for being there. Thanks PW!

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