Monday, December 14, 2009

Three seems so big!

Oh my. How did we go from this

to this, overnight?

I cannot believe the little boy is three years old today! Time has wings, yes it does. Jake has changed so much in the last year. He is quite the little talker. He just talks and talks and talks. Sometimes I just wish it could be quiet around here. But that usually means someone is getting into trouble so I guess noisy is good.

His vocabulary is sometimes astounding. A couple days ago, we were looking at a book about dolphins and he pointed to this dolphin's head and said "mommy, that dolphin is echolocation." Fantastic! It made my marine biologist heart so happy. On a little different note, the next day when I was changing his diaper he started throwing a fit about me hurting his egg. I was completely lost for a few minutes. He finally got his point across to me. It seems that he is identifying on a very personal level with our marine buddies. In short, he thinks his little man water works parts are actually an egg. He carries his egg around in his pants just like a daddy penguin carries his egg under a pouch in his tummy. So now, in order to change a diaper I have to promise him I won't break his egg when I clean things up. I'm seeing his non-existent college fund quickly turning into a non-existent therapy fund. Oh, well. He is adorable. He makes me laugh every single day and still loves to cuddle with me so what more could I ask for?

We celebrated yesterday with a party. He really wanted a dolphin birthday cake so I was able to come up with something that looked like a third grader made it. Jake loved it though. We had family come for the party and my daddy even provided the entertainment. Here's a picture of the kids surrounding my dad while he sang them a few Christmas songs.

If I can get a video to post again, I'll put one up of Jake and his cousin dancing together. It was so cute! Happy threes Little Mister. Love you so much.

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    Love the cake! Your mommy did a fantastic job!