Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Days of our lives

So last week I thought I would go ahead and get Jake potty trained. I bought the underwear a few weeks ago and we are really tired of buying diapers for two kids right now.

We've had a potty seat that fits onto the toilet for a year now so this is not something that is brand new to Jake. After polling my friends I decided the best course of action was to take a couple days where we didn't leave the house and we kept Jake in his underwear while we were inside and naked when he was outside.

I'm sad to say I lasted about a morning and a half with this whole business. I just couldn't commit. I took that child to sit on the potty several times the first morning. He would not sit for more than a minute or two. He would tell me he went potty and get all happy and excited when he didn't do anything at all! So we went outside for some naked time to try to get a feel for what going potty is really like. We weren't out there for long when he looked at me with pee going down both legs and said "MAMA! I GO POTTY!" Well, I whooped and hollered and made a big old deal out of it. Then I told him that next time we would try to make it to the potty before he actually went. I thought he would recognize the feeling of needing to go now.

Not so. He went again. Down his legs. So I sat down and asked him if he felt the need to go potty before it happened. He looked at me and said "Mama! There are little cows living in the playroom." I kid you not. He has not a clue about what I'm trying to teach him. The second morning we succeeded in him going pee and poop in his underwear. We went through three pairs of underwear before I gave up. I just don't think we're ready for this yet. I'm looking into buying a video a friend recommended called Potty Power. Nothing speaks to Jake like movies. They are his love language.

Meanwhile, in Emma news...let's just say she is throwing everything in the trashcan these days. Before we go through the trash we have to sort through it to make sure no valuables go out the door. Yesterday, I found a book, two shoes and my dead cat Molly's ashes. I could not find the box that poor Molly resides in anywhere. It was quite disturbing. Miraculously, when I woke up this morning the box was sitting on my shelf with Molly returned inside. I guess we had some divine intervention. I wish we could get some with Jake's potty training!


  1. well not to sound heartless, but you need to play hardball with mister jake. he's ready. just be tougher and stick with it. don't go back to diapers. it will take a lot longer if you keep going back.

  2. This is what worked for my li'l one:

    Had her watch me go potty, and boy do I have fun going potty!

    Asked her one morning if she's ready to give up diapers for the most exciting thing of all -- underwear! -- and be just like mom, dad and big sis.

    Double up on the extra thick training underwear. Don't use pull ups.

    Sit child on potty every 40 minutes. Set timer to remind yourself. Make it a party! Boy is it fun. Wow. Nothing more fun. Offer a jellybean just for sitting. Heap on the praise for actually using potty.

    My kid was trained in a few days.

    Good luck!