Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My babies daddy

Although I still haven't gotten my own dad a Father's Day gift this year, I did get Mike exactly what he said he wanted. A canoe trip with Jake. The three of us left Emma at home with her babysitter while we went out and rented a canoe for an hour and a half. It was Jake's first time and I think he liked it. We saw lots of turtles, ducks and fish. I think Jake's favorite thing to do was to lean as far over the side as he could with his bottom still on the seat and drag his fingers through the water. I was actually amazed that he sat still for so long. This is definitely something we can do with him again. When Emma gets big enough we can have our very own rowing team! I think Mike had fun too although he says I was slacking in the rowing department. I have a bum shoulder and I was doing the best that I could do while working on my tan.

On Father's Day the kids and I took Mike out for ice cream after eating burgers cooked on the grill at home. That's a good day, right? I've been blessed to have a wonderful daddy for myself and a wonderful hubby who loves our kids.


  1. I think in a canoe it is called paddling. JK I am glad you had a fun day and have a great father and a great husband that is good to your kids:)

  2. Thank you Honey! I love you!