Thursday, June 3, 2010

Days of Summer

Summer is here. Our last day of Mother's Day Out was last week. The weather here in central Texas is hot with a pretty good chance of getting hotter. Reluctantly, I decided it was time to dig out the old swimsuit. I bought a nice suit two summers ago. I paid way more money for it then I ever thought I would spend on a swimsuit. I justified the cost by telling myself that it would last me four or five years. Also, it was really cute.

Well, we took the kids to the pool for the first time this year about two weeks ago. It did not go well. Both kids were VERY unhappy about the temperature of the pool water and refused to get more than their little toes wet. Jake loved the pool the year before. By the end of the summer he was jumping off the side of the pool into our arms. This year we couldn't even get him to wade in the water. It was a little disappointing. They were done in about fifteen minutes. It was not the workout this little mama had hoped for. Still, I put my happy face on as we were leaving the pool. Until Mike brought attention to a flaw in my swimsuit. It seems that over the course of sitting in my dresser for nine months, the material at the top of my suit got stretched out. There was a silver-dollar sized pucker in the fabric. It made me look like I have three nipples. I felt like Chandler in "Friends." Remember when he had the nubbinectomy to remove his third nipple?

Anyhow, I have yet to buy a new suit. There are other things we need more right now so I go to the pool as an outcast.

The good news is that since the water has warmed up so have the kids. The last time we were there they both enjoyed themselves. Right up until the point where Jake got hurt. Imagine having your three year old jumping joyfully off the side of the pool into your outstretched, waiting, capable arms. Now imagine your friend standing beside you screaming something about a big bug at the exact moment your child jumps. Now imagine becoming distracted about the big bug and looking to the side to see just what sort of monstrosity is about to eat you alive. Now imagine your child launching himself like a missile into the side of your head. And biting his tongue as his face collides with your bone. Imagine if you will, the screaming and crying that ensues. And then if you can, imagine getting your child out of the pool and taking him to the bathroom to assess the damage and seeing yourself in the mirror with blood running down your shoulder and arm and your third nipple. Imagine if you can.

It turned out he had bitten his lower lip which bled a lot but was not a serious injury. And the best thing? He got right back up on the horse and jumped off the side of the pool again before we left for the night. If he can do that, I can wear my deformed swimsuit for one more season.


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  2. what timing! i just went swimsuit shopping yesterday and boy was it depressing! they need suits for post baby bodies, you know ones that holding sagging boobs and bellies. i hope you have better luck than i did yesterday. i bought something but i must admit i have left the tags on just in case.