Friday, September 24, 2010

Accessories are in the eye of the beholder

Emma cracks me up. I was super excited when we found out we were having a little girl because of all of the cute clothes I would get to put her in. I also dreamed of "fixing" her hair. You know, cute little pigtails that stick straight up and everything. However, Emma was born with very little hair and has only recently started growing enough to do anything with. Mike and I think she looks like one of the Hoo children from Dr. Seuss. We've started calling her Emma Mae Hoo. ANYHOO, she still doesn't have enough hair to put up in a pigtail. And her hair is super fine so clips don't stay in very well. Also, she rips everything out as soon as I put it in her hair.

So, the other day when she started pulling all of her headbands out of her dresser I was just thrilled! She would let me put one on her head and then immediately rip it off. I thought she just needed some time to get used to the idea. Wrong. She does love wearing the headbands, just not on her head. She prefers the thigh-high look. And really what says sweet, innocent toddler like a few garters on the thigh? For the last three days she's been putting as many as she can find over her pants and prancing around the house with them. I can already see that my expectations for Emma may be different than what her ideas for her own life are going to be. I'm already preparing myself for heart wrenching trips to the mall where she won't try on any of the cute things I pick out for her. Oh well. Jake doesn't usually question what I put on him. He even let me put a headband on him yesterday. And he wants me to paint his toenails. Blue.


  1. so cute. I have completely mortified Jon by painting Sean's nails since his girl cousins were doing it.

  2. HA! Mike keeps telling me I can't do it. But I say if the boy wants his toes done, then the boy can get his toes done! Plus, I've seen a couple of his friends with theirs painted so it doesn't seem so bad...

  3. Brie painted Evan's toenails blue. It's all the rage amongst the preschooler boys.