Monday, September 27, 2010

School Happenings

Jake is loving school. We are blessed with so many good teachers at this Mother's Day Out program. Jake was a little sad when he realized he wouldn't have his beloved Ms. Mandy again this year, but I think his new teachers are beginning to win him over. He still can't get their names quite straight for some reason so he just describes them. They are officially "the really tall one" and the "one with yellow hair."

Well, Monday afternoon, the "one with yellow hair" had to inform me of a minor accident that Jake had at the end of the day. She showed me a pretty big goose egg on his forehead and told me he got it from doing somersaults on his napmat during nap time. As a teacher, you hate to tell parents that their child got wounded in your class. I could tell she felt bad but I just thought it was classic Jake. Of course he hurt himself. Of course it was his forehead. And of course it happened because he chose to do gymnastics instead of lying down still during naptime. We got to examining his head because she thought part of the wound was his scar from where he fell on the fireplace on Christmas Eve. I assured her that was an old war wound and then we moved down to his chin which had a huge scrape on it. I told her that was also a prior injury. She breathed a sigh of relief and said something like "oh good. We had an incident with a friend hitting Jake with his shark today too and we thought that's where the scrape came from." It cracks me up. How many boys can get a goose egg from a somersault and a scrape from an unfortunate shark throwing incident all in the same day?! And how would you like to be that little boy's teacher?! I'm so thankful for all of you who have had the opportunity to take care of Mister so far through his school career. We appreciate all of our teachers!

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