Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daddy diapering

Every now and then I have the opportunity to leave our coop and meet one of my friends out in public. The last two times I've gone somewhere I have come home to find Emma dressed solely in a diaper with a big piece of duck tape going around it holding it on. Apparently, she chooses to take off her diaper and make a big ole mess with her poop when I'm not home. Poor Mike. He may never let me leave the house again. Yesterday, while I was gone, he went to get Emma up after her nap and was greeted by her sitting in her crib with her shorts and diaper off. She was also sitting in a big pool of pee and had smeared poop all over her bed and the toys in her bed. These are the days he'll remember fondly when we're old, right? He did tell me the other day that someday when he's 90 years old I'll be changing his diapers. I had to remind him that when he's ninety I'll just be dead. So, it looks like I'll be getting out of all of the smeared poopy diapers in my lifetime. But, maybe he can get Emma to come over and take care of him if he keeps reminding her of her diaper adventures throughout life. Just a thought.

I never did get a great picture of the tape job. But, here is Emma all strapped up.


  1. OH NO!!!
    Let me know if you ever get to leave again.

    Kai did this to me when he was a toddler! Sooooo Sooooo gross! I taped him in his diapers at nap/bedtime for weeks!

  2. You may mock me as much as you want honey, but tape works!