Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Fun

My parents came to visit last weekend for my niece, Katie's, birthday. I took the kids to my sister's house Sunday to see everyone and to help celebrate her big day. I wish I had taken a picture of Katie with the yummy cake Cheryl made for her. I cannot believe she is 15 years old. It seems like just yesterday she was keeping me up all night talking about how unfair life is when you're the youngest one in the family. When she was little we used to bunk together at my parents house over Christmas. She always made me laugh with her stories. Now, she's almost all grown up and she still makes me laugh. I love that girl!

We had a nice time with my parents too. They came and stayed with us for a couple days. Jake and Emma started missing them as soon as they got in the car to leave! Now, they're stuck at home with just boring old mama.

However, boring mama and daddy did take them out to the swimming pool yesterday morning. It was our first trip of the summer and they loved it! We put Emma in Jake's old swim vest and let Jake play in the water with no floatation device on. I'm not sure how long that's going to last. He did fine, but it kind of makes me a nervous wreck. I think swim lessons are long over due here.

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  1. I sure do miss them. Love, Mom