Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another day another tonsil update

We made it through our first week back of school/work since Jake had his surgery. He is doing much better and made it through today feeling good. He woke up yesterday morning and ate three cereal bars in a row. It was so funny. He had been begging for a cereal bar for several days but when he tried to eat them they were just too much for his throat. Yesterday was a different story. I guess he figured if he could eat one, he might as well eat three. Sounds like me with a pan of brownies. Only I figure if I can eat one brownie I might as well eat half the pan.

We spent a good portion of Saturday at the emergency room with him. His throat started bleeding in the middle of the night and he swallowed a lot of blood. So on Saturday morning I was in the middle of a hot bath trying to relax my back muscles so I could do things like move around, walk and sit down. I'm such a diva. Jake and Emma came wandering into the bathroom because they can't leave me alone for more than oh let's say two minutes. Emma was busy trying to determine if she was a good guy or a bad guy when Jake started crying non stop. Then he started throwing up blood. It was disgusting and scary and I was like a beached whale trying to get myself out of the bathtub. Nothing like having an emergency with one of your children on a day when you can't move. We spent the next four hours at the ER with Jake crying and kicking every single medical person who dared enter into our presence. And to the girl who HAD to take his temperature rectally, I'm sorry but you deserved exactly what you got. Leave him alone already! The Dr. finally sent us home with strict instructions to have Jake on an all liquid diet for the next 48 hours. It seemed to work because now I'm seeing our little boy rally to make a come back. If you or your child ever need to get your tonsils removed call me first because I'll tell you everything the medical profession won't so you'll be prepared for all of the drama.

The three year olds were crazy with a capital CRAZ-Y today. I couldn't wait to get home and cuddle on the couch with my peeps. Here are some pictures we took at the park right before Jake went under the knife. I'm hoping to get him back out there in a couple of days.

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