Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lions, tigers and sweat oh my!

Yesterday, our friends the Kelley's came over and loaded Jake, Emma and I into their enormous rental car and we all headed off to the Austin zoo. The boys had been wanting a play date and we thought this would be fun for all. Ya'll. It was approximately the temperature of the sun yesterday. After about ten minutes the two least among us were completely sweaty and red cheeked. We all followed suit shortly after.

However, the kids did have fun feeding some goats and sheep (paper bag and all, sorry mr. sheep!) The two things the boys kept saying they wanted to see were the tigers and lions. We finally made it over to their homes and they were the only animals at the zoo who were not too hot to move around for some reason. The tigers were pacing and there was a big male lion lying around with his lady friend. Well, I guess he forgot to bring home the right thing for lunch or something because they started bickering. There was much growling and throwing back of the heads. I think I even saw them biting each other.

I was all "great! someone's doing something!" Just as I said that the big, ticked off male let out the biggest roar I've ever heard and came charging straight at us at approximatley the speed of a charging lion. Luckily for us, there was a metal cage between him and our children. Unlucky for him, he hit the metal cage at full speed and totally smushed his face in it. I felt sorry for him, but I mean he was trying to eat us. Jake started crying and is now traumatized for life about lions. This isn't the first time a male lion has roared at him and tried to eat him either. It happened once in Amarillo. Therefore, I have made a vow to never take Jake on safari.

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  1. Yikes! That is traumatic! There was a zoo in NC where the Lion would constantly roar and that was scary in itself never mind being charged by one