Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Parks, playground and ponies!

Mike had to work on Memorial Day so the kids and I just hung out at the house all day. We did make our morning foray to the park. Since the kids are waking up at 6AM every single day now, we can actually get to the park before the temperature soars to somewhere above unbearable.

I started the morning off with a mild heart attack. Imagine being woken up at 6am every morning out of a sound sleep. Then imagine opening your legally blind eyes to a midget in a mask. (Okay, I know I should have written "little person" but come on, the alliteration!) That is what I sort of saw when I was awakened on Memorial Day. Jake is very into Spiderman right now and decided to wear his Spiderman mask to wake me up. It was frightful.

Today marks our first official day of summer break! We woke up with no plans and nothing to do. So I immediately fixed that situation. We went for a walk with our overweight dog. I'm determined to get him (and me) into shape this summer. Then I packed up the kids and my coupons and we headed off to the Jumpy Gym for hours of inside, air conditioned entertainment. After that, we went to Chick A Fil for some lunch and more indoor playground excitement. The fun never stops around here.

I didn't take my camera and I know the only reason anyone stops by this blog is to look at pictures of the kids. So, here are some pics we took at our neighbor boy's three year old birthday party a couple weeks ago. This party had a petting zoo, pony rides, a bouncy house, snow cones, Spiderman cupcakes and I don't know what all else. I'm afraid Jake and Emma may start requesting more than "a little family gathering" for their future parties.


  1. I visit for more than the pictures. Miss you

  2. miss you too Cathy! i keep having dreams that we'll live in the same place again someday!