Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coke, cookies and self control

I'm trying to kick my Coke habit. That's Coca Cola in case anyone is wondering. I actually kicked my Coke habit a few months ago, but I replaced it with a Coke Zero habit. Then I kicked the Coke Zero habit and replaced it with a Vanilla Coke Zero habit. I figured Coke Zero was better for me because it doesn't have any calories. However, it does have a lot of things in it that I can't pronounce. Things like ACESULFAME and PHENYLALANINE. That last one scares me a bit because they put the fact that my Vanilla Coke Zero contains it on a separate spot on the can. All by itself, away from the other list of ingredients. I think it might be some sort of trouble maker.

Hi, I'm Kim. It's been 84 hours since I had my last drink of Vanilla Coke Zero. I don't seem to be able to just give up a bad habit. I can't mentally tell myself when I wake up every morning that I really like drinking nothing but water all day long. Around noon time I need some sort of pick me up. That's usually about the time the kids start fighting and whining and telling me they don't want to eat anything we have in the house for lunch. My hands start shaking. I feel faint. And I want a Coke. And some chocolate. STAT.

Instead, for the past four days I've been reaching for a glass of iced tea. It's not quite the same because there are no fun, fizzy bubbles in tea. But there is caffeine so I think it is helping me get over the hump.

The thing is that tonight we're having chicken enchiladas for dinner. You know what would go really well with Mexican food? A Coke. I'm really trying to talk myself down from it, but right now I'm not certain about how this is going to turn out. My self control is wavering.

Speaking of wavering self control, yesterday at VBS they brought us extra cookies. I was only going to have one cookie. Then I had two. And then I had three. No will power. Please pray for me. This summer I found cellulite in a new place on my thighs. A place that is going to take sacrifice and self discipline to get rid of. A place that takes no prisoners. A place where Vanilla Coke Zero and cookies cannot reside.

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