Monday, June 27, 2011

Mean Boy

I totally messed up my summer goal by not blogging yesterday. No one's perfect. We went to church yesterday morning and then came home and took naps until Katha and her boys came over to go swimming. Jake was on fire at the swimming pool. He seriously was acting like a totally different boy. He was shooting people in the face with a water gun, running and jumping into the pool like a mad man, hitting people with toys and generally running amok and wreaking havoc all over the place.

I had to put him in time out twice. Both times he sat on the side of the pool pouting and splashing water at me with his feet. We've been learning a Bible verse this week. A very simple one. "Children obey your parents." So at one point I pulled him over and told him that we needed to have a little talk. I reminded him about our Bible verse and told him that he was not pleasing God or mama by not listening and obeying. When we were done talking I sent him on his way secure in the knowledge that he was now armed with the tools he needed to do the right thing. And then he bonked a man in the head with this little plastic ball.

He came back over to me and said that he needed to have a talk with me. He told me that I really needed to be nice to him and start listening to him. I referred him back to our Bible memory verse. I asked him to tell me what the verse said. And he said "Listen to your children." One of us is confused.

Anyhow, Mike made tikka masala for dinner and Katha and the boys stayed to eat with us. He is a very good cook and it is always nice to invite people over for dinner when you're not the one doing the cooking!

Today I took the kids to the park and our new friend and neighbor Kristin was there with her hubby and little girl. We're trying to get the girls to be friends. Little Allison went to give Emma a hug and Emma threw herself down on the ground and did her best impression of a person who is not interested in making friends. It was wonderful. I'm hoping Allison won't give up on Emma Mae. Later, Kristin totally saved Emma by rescuing her from stomping on a big pile of fire ants. She got several bites but it could have been a lot worse.

During Emma's naptime I let Jake watch Free Willy while I also tried to take a nap. I don't know what is wrong with me but I have no energy lately. I am ready for bed right after lunch time. Anyway, I couldn't sleep because Jake was being kind of loud watching his movie. I kept hearing him talking to the people on the screen. At one point he screamed "LISTEN CHILDREN! OBEY YOUR PARENTS! I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR NAMES ARE BUT YOU BETTER LISTEN!"

One last thing for today. While I was cleaning up after dinner, Mike went to check on the kids. They were in our bedroom. Jake was naked from the waist down holding our camera. Apparently, he was trying to take a picture of his booty. Fortunately, he was not successful. We now have about 30 pictures of the bathroom and our toilet paper holder on the camera. He was successful at taking the cutest picture we've gotten of Emma Mae in quite some time.

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