Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm all out of titles

So today started at 6am with Emma in our bedroom. I took her back to her bed, gave her a cup of chocolate milk and told her to go back to sleep. An hour later Mike and I woke up. It was wonderful. I went in to check on the kids and Emma was laying on the floor in Jake's room wide awake waiting for him to wake up.

We did our morning walk and then took the kids to the pool. Friend Aiden happened to be there with his family so Jake was super excited. I was able to meet a neighbor we had never talked to before and set up a future play date for Emma and her daughter. It's so funny to me that friendships used to be made over shared experiences or common values and now I can go to the pool and see someone with a daughter the same age as mine and say "hey, do you want to get together sometime? my daughter really needs some girls to hang out with!"

Mike put most of the finishing touches on our house painting last night. It looks so good! We painted our living room/kitchen/dining room in cappuccino. Now, when I get up every morning I expect to see a Starbucks barrister in the kitchen making me a skinny vanilla latte on ice. Alas, all I ever really see is the cat staring at me begging for food.

A few months ago I told Mike that I thought our living room would look really good with a mantle even though we don't have a fireplace or anything to put it over. A few weeks after that conversation Mike came home from work with this beautiful mantle that a co-worker had taken out of his house. Ask and you will receive. Mike painted it white and hung it up tonight. I think it looks really good. Okay, I know we have too much stuff on it right now. I'm trying to decide what to keep up and what to take down. I'm just praying the whole thing doesn't fall off of the wall and kill our TV someday.

My favorite part of today was listening to Emma tell everyone how much she loves us. All day long she came up to me, looked me in the eye, put her little hands on my face and said "I wuvs you mama" then she says she wuvs Jacob and she wuvs daddy too. So cute! And Jake spent the day telling me which room he tooted in and which direction the toot went. Lovely.


  1. Isn't it amazing the differences between boys and girls.

  2. Just take out one picture each of Jake and Emma and it should look fine. Or you can remove all pics and use it to display the ceramics. :) The walls look tasty!

  3. I think the friends I made in CA are the last ones I made without it being through my kids. Although with my social disfunction I am glad I have the kids as a buffer. I don;t know how I snagged such a great friend like you pre-kids

  4. because you are great! and you made me laugh all the time.