Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This and that

The short version of our day:

Kids slept in until 7am today! We went to the park for an hour and barely made it back home. I wasn't sure Jake was going to be able to walk or ride his bicycle the last block home. The whining was remarkable. I babysat again so we didn't go anywhere exciting. We did take the kids to the pool after dinner to wear them out in hopes of them sleeping late in the morning. We almost didn't get to go to the pool, however, because Mike sent Jake to his room after dinner and I had the misfortune of overhearing Jake saying "stupid, stupid Daddy. i don't wanna play with him!" Oh, my. We couldn't let that slide and I'm really wondering where he is getting that expression from. I don't think we really say that much around here. So he got a stupid spanking and then we went to the pool.

My mind is on food today. These are things I love right now.

1.) The Greek Gods greek yogurt in honey flavor. Now, Amy doesn't like it but I think it is the best thing since sliced bread.

2.) Nature Valley Granola Thins in dark chocolate. Only 80 calories and yummy! I'm trying to convince myself they are the only chocolate I need every single day.

3.) These lemon raspberry muffins I made on Sunday

4.) Yesterday, over at Kelly's Korner she posted a picture of some sliced fruit with poppyseed dressing. I just happened to have made poppyseed dressing the day before so today I sliced some strawberries, bananas, cantelope, blueberries and grapes up and put them on a big plate with the dressing. Then I gave the kids a toothpick to eat/dip the fruit with and we all loved it. Ate the whole plate and Jake declared again that it made him so happy!

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