Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Days

Lately I've been feeling kind of on auto pilot in the motherhood department. I mean I try to plan outings for us or at least take the kids to the park or the swimming pool every day, but I also feel like the TV has been on a lot lately. So I woke up this morning with the intention to be intentional.

It is hard to be a mama with the best of intentions. I baby sat today so we were home bound. It took me two hours just to get breakfast done and get the kids dressed. They literally ate three breakfasts today.

Finally at 11:00 I put the little guy I watch twice a week in bed for a nap. Then I thought "oops! I better go be a good mama to my kids." So I turned off the TV and took Jake and Emma to the playroom for some art time. We got out paper, colors, and water colors. They were so excited! I got them all set up and then sat down beside Jake to try to work on his letters. That's when Logan started screaming in the other room. So I told the kids to keep "arting" it up while I went to rock Logan to sleep and to stay in the play room for goodness sakes and try to be quiet!

Thirty minutes later I had Logan asleep and went to check on the kids. They had done pretty well on their own but I still felt bad that I hadn't been right there with them. So we had lunch and then I announced that it was story time. Emma was stoked but Jake said he didn't want to read books. So he played with his little toy animals while Em and I read approximately every book she owns. I guess quality time with one child is better than no quality time at all.

After story time I told the kids they could go outside and play in the sprinkler even though it totally violates our water restriction laws right now. Shh, don't tell! Again, Jake didn't want to participate. What is up with that? I seriously think he may be getting sick or something. Emma had a good time though.

What is up with our camera? Do these pictures look fuzzy? I wonder if it's just the insane heat around here.


  1. I think they are fuzzy from Jake butt prints....lol

  2. lens from cool inside to hot outside makes for foggy pictures :)