Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! I have the best daddy in the world and I really wish I could spend every Father's Day with him. He celebrated today by making apricot jam. And I know he will bring me some on his next trip down here. That's one of the reasons he's the best dad in the world! That and also the fact that he (and my mom) agreed to buy me the coolest car ever when I turned 18. I miss you Powder Puff. Oh, and also, he never says anything negative about anybody, he is super smart, and I'm willing to bet that he never gave anyone a reason to say anything negative about himself. Just a little shout out to my daddy here.

I also married someone who is a fantastic daddy. Even if he is the loudest person in the swimming pool throwing Jake sky high and helping him to make the biggest splashes ever. Jake will remember having fun with his daddy at the pool.

I woke up early today to make some blueberry muffins for Mike before he went to work. The kids and I played hookie from church because I knew we were going to have to be at the church this afternoon for a VBS meeting and the price of gas is killing us!

After our meeting Mike met us and we went out for pizza to celebrate Father's Day. It was really good. The restaurant even gave him a free dessert for being a daddy. It was burnt, but that's okay.

After dinner I had to run over to WalMart to buy an iron. I found out at our VBS meeting that I needed to wear a t-shirt with a certain decal on it all week long. Ya'll. I haven't ironed a garment in at least 10 years. I don't iron. If it's too wrinkled to wear it then we don't wear it. Honestly, I was a little put out that I had to buy an iron and bring it into our house. My fear is that certain persons around here will expect me to begin ironing things. I can't have that. So, if you think about it please pray for our VBS week and please pray that no wrinkles dare to show themselves in our house while I'm still alive.

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