Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So today I was awakened at 6:15 by something rolling around all over my body. It turned out to be Emma Mae. She then proceeded to cup my face in her little hand and demand me to "GET UP MAMA!" Someday when she is a teenager I will pay her back for this nonsense.

We got up, ate breakfast and took the overweight dog for a walk. Sound familiar? Two days every week I babysit our neighbors little boy. Today was one of those days. When he comes over we are basically home bound which can make for a long day. So even though the temperature was somewhere between sweltering and this is where the devil lives hot I put the two smaller ones in the stroller and put Jake on his bike and we headed over to the park. Jake was on fire. He kept switching back and forth between being Spiderman and Iron Man. At one point he was those two plus Super Man and BatMan. It was the perfect trifecta plus one of superheroes. He used up so much energy at the park that he didn't have much left for the bike ride home. Now, I have had to carry that bike while pushing the stroller with two kids in it home before. I was not going to do it today. Plus, there was nowhere for him to ride in the stroller. So Jake had to suck it up and ride that bike home. He cried the entire way. I asked him why he was crying and he said it was because he wanted his Willy (Shamu). I tried telling him that crying wasn't going to solve that problem but he wasn't listening.

We made it home and Jake found all three of his Willy's while I sang the classic Peaches and Herb's song Reunited and It Feels So Good. Then, we all needed a refreshing snack in the form of sugar and ice. So I broke out the Popsicles.

Have you ever seen a child look so pitiful about eating a popsicles? I think he was reliving the torturous bike ride home.

Later in the afternoon we headed over to Katha's house to be reunited with some old friends that moved to Idaho two years ago. I totally forgot my camera, but it was so good to see Jenn and her two adorable kids. Emma and Max spent the entire evening being too cute for words together. And Jake was on fire again. They were begging for bed by the time we got home.


  1. just curious why you call those pop-ice instead of popsicles? this is what I wonder.

  2. hee hee. i changed it to popsicles when i saw the pictures. we started off with pop ice but then jake and emma refused to eat them so i gave them a popsicle. but logan had a pop ice.