Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Amateur Photographer

Three days of VBS down and two more to go! It has been fun but Emma and I are worn out for some reason. We come home every day and take looong naps. I blame mine on the absence of Coke in my life.

So, really we haven't done much else this week besides VBS. Jake did get hold of my camera one day during my nap though. He was actually watching an Iron Man episode so now our camera has approximately 199 pictures of Iron Man on it. This is my favorite.

The last picture he took was a self portrait. Nice, huh?

I'm thinking Jake might need some glasses. Tonight at dinner he noticed a picture of Emma I just put on the refrigerator. The background on the picture is oceanic with a big killer whale breaching. So Jake's eyes got real big and he said "LOOK! There's a picture of Shamu on the refrigerator! Right behind that little boy!" Now, I know Emma doesn't have much hair but she definitely looks like a girl. Plus, he's known her now for about two years so he should know that she is indeed a girl or at least recognize her as being his sister. Also, he's been watching Scooby Doo ever since cousin's camp and every time Velma says "shut up" we have to have an in depth discussion about how she shouldn't say that. Only today he told me that Velma is a "he". Again, I realize Velma is a little ambiguous and she has really short hair like Emma, but she is wearing a skirt. Clearly, a girl.

In other news, Emma Mae has worn a hair clip in her hair to VBS the last two mornings. She rips it out as soon as we leave but progress is being made! Also, on Father's Day when we went out for pizza we ordered a salad to go with the meal. Both kids ate salad. This is huge. Not so much for Jake. He's a pretty good eater. But Emma refuses to let anything vegetative pass her lips. She ate quite a bit too! Now, if I had had the camera with me I would have totally let Jake take a picture of that!

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