Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So many words Wednesday

Jake and Emma woke me up at 6:30 from a wonderful dream where Amy and I were shopping for formal evening gowns at the mall. Jason Bateman had just come up to me and offered me a huge piece of chocolate cake when I was rudely summoned out of my slumber. I tell you payback is gonna be so much fun when they become teenagers and just want to sleep all day long.

Took Pudgy for a walk. I had plans to go to Target today to buy a birthday present for one of Jake's friends. While I was getting ready the kids pushed every button on each other they could find. There was much crying and wailing and tales of he did this and she did that. My dreams of a fun, peaceful outing to Target were slowly fading by the dark, dark storm clouds of my offspring. I threatened them both with no TV and a possible cancellation of swimming pool privelages for the day if they acted up one bit while we were out.

They made it almost through the check out line at Target. That's when Emma had her first melt down because I wouldn't pick her up. I actually blame the melt down on the fact that I ommitted a crucial step to a successful Target outing with my kids. I did not buy the popcorn/icee combo for them. The price of that combo has climbed from $1.50 to $2.18 this year. That is highway robbery. Everything is going up except our paychecks it seems. Anyway, we still needed to go to the pet store to buy Scratchy some crickets and I wanted to go to Kohl's for a father's day gift. Jake was still being good so I thought maybe we could make it if I carried Emma for a little bit.

Mission accomplished in the pet store. Kohl's on the other hand was a different story. Perhaps I set them up for failure by taking them into a store to look at things other than toys. But, within three minutes they were running around like wild Indians while other mom's averted their eyes from mine and one bemused grandma smiled and said she remembered those days.

I hate it when I have to make good on threats. But, I couldn't let it slide. They were pretty crazy in Kohl's. So, the TV did not come on when we got home. We had lunch and after they were done they finally noticed the lack of noise in the background and wanted to watch a show. I told them "no" in no uncertain terms. Jake went to his room and played with toys. Wonderful! Emma stayed under my feet asking me every five seconds to put on Scooby Doo for her. Then she had to go to time out.

I finally got them wrangled to the playroom where I built the simplest of train tracks on Jake's train table. They played and played proving to me that I don't have to know how to build multi-level tracks with bridges and stuff that I need an engineering degree to design for them to have fun.

We ended the day with, you guessed it, a trip to the swimming pool. My hair will be in need of some deep conditioning by the end of the summer.

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  1. you should see the difference in the tracks I build and the ones Jon does. His take up the whole second floor(we have no train table). Mine i aim for a simple figure 8 : )