Thursday, June 23, 2011

Buzz Lightyear and Jesus

Today at VBS the toddlers let us know that they had had enough already. I think five days in a row for little ones is just too much. There was much crying, pushing, shoving and tantrum throwing. And that was just the adults!

Emma has been throwing huge fits when I drop her off at her class too. I don't know what's going on there. I mean screaming "NO! DON'T WANNA GO!" while kicking me fits. It's great. Her teachers still manage to put on a smile and welcome her with open arms though. They say as soon as they give her a snack she calms right down. Like mama, like daughter.

On our way home from church I was pressing Jake about what he learned today. Every day I ask him what Bible story they talked about. Every day he tells me they don't have a Bible story. Now, I know that's not true. Today he finally told me the Bible story was about a turtle. I guess I missed that book in the Bible. Then we got into a discussion about heaven. Jake wanted to know if Jesus lived on Earth. I told him about how Jesus was born a baby, grew up and then some bad men killed him. He filled in the parts about Jesus being killed on a cross so I was all "Score!" He knows something! Then we talked about how one day we will live with Jesus and God in heaven. Jake started talking about how heaven was really high up in the sky, but he knew how we were going to get up there. I was all ready for some heavy duty four year old theology. That's when he told me that Buzz Lightyear and Iron Man would fly us up to Jesus when we die. Maybe that white light people talk about is really just fire from jet fuel!

Last night Mike informed me that he has been having trouble going to sleep and then staying asleep. I was all "oh, i'm not having any trouble sleeping!" So of course I couldn't go to sleep last night and then I woke up several times and couldn't get back to sleep. He totally jinxed me. Meanwhile, he slept like a baby. I was so looking forward to my after VBS nap this afternoon but I couldn't even get to sleep for that. Bummer.

So instead, I woke Emma up early and we all headed off to the swimming pool. We're all getting some pretty awesome tan lines around here.

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