Friday, June 17, 2011

The smell of burning hair

Next week I'm working at the church for VBS. I'm super excited for Jake and Emma to go for the first time. I think they will love it. So today I went up there to decorate our room and then I ran a few errands around town while Mike had the kids.

Before I left for the day I decided to put out the effort to straighten my hair and make it look nice. I got it cut a couple weeks ago and it is much shorter which means it gets much poofier if I don't straighten it out. So I'm in the bathroom spraying on this product I bought (for way more than my normal $3.99 hair care budget) and I'm using the flat iron on my hair. This product is supposed to protect your hair from heat, specifically from the flat iron.

I hear a few sizzles while I'm doing this but don't think much about it. Then Mike who was in the bedroom at the time starts yelling that he smells something burning. Not two minutes later the smoke alarm in our bedroom started going off. All from my hair. I'm starting to think that straightening my hair out may not be the best option for me.

After my errands I came back home to the biggest welcome home committee you've ever seen. You would have thought I had been gone for months overseas or something. Right away Jake and Emma asked for a snack. I lovingly gave them a bowl of Pirate Booty and Goldfish Crackers fresh from HEB.

Ten minutes after finishing that snack, Jake told me that he was still hungry and asked for something else. I told him he could have fruit. So he said he wanted ice cream. I said that ice cream is not fruit. So he asked for cheese. Clearly we need a lesson on the four food groups around here.

The day ended with cheeseburgers and a trip to the swimming pool. Does anything scream summer more than that? Maybe some homemade ice cream, but we don't have any of that around here. We'll have to settle for the delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream Klondike bars we bought yesterday instead. And I'm gonna call that a fruit or veggie since they're green inside and be completely guilt free.

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