Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Diary

I think I need a goal for summer since I'm not working and the days are all starting to run together. I think my goal will be to document every single day of our life this summer. It will be riveting. It will be better than any soon to be cancelled soap opera you might watch on TV.

Today started bright and early at 6am. I asked Jake why he and Emma have to wake up so early and he told me it was because the new clock I bought was too loud for him to sleep. I just laughed and thought he was just copying Mike about the clock. I bought this thing at Ross last week on clearance and it looks really good in our living room. Mike keeps saying it is keeping him awake at night. I thought he was just complaining about it because he doesn't like the wall I hung it on and he's hoping I will take it down. Tonight, I went in to check on the kids in their rooms before I went to bed and I could totally hear that clock ticking through the walls. Now I know why it was on clearance.

The worst possible thing happened after we got up today. I realized we were out of cereal bars. Both kids started whining and crying that they NEEDED a cereal bar. I was not going to the store at 6am so instead I busted out a new recipe for whole wheat waffles. I added some blueberries to the batter and they were delish!

We took the overweight dog for his walk and I was covered with sweat by 8:30am. Lovely. Did I mention that a man in a pickup stopped me on Saturday while we were on our walk and asked if I would sell him the dog? Yeah. And I didn't even hesitate to tell him no. Who would have thought? It seems I don't want to get rid of the beast as much as I keep telling myself I do.

Anyway, I got brave and took the kids by myself to the pool for two hours this morning. They were so good! We had a lot of fun and now I know what most of our days will be like this summer.

Later, I took a nap. Exciting, isn't it? I was worn out. We ended the day with a new recipe from PW that my sister made for the kids at cousins camp and she said they ate it up for her. Emma took one look at it and told me she did NOT want to eat THAT DINNER! Which just proves that she loves Aunt Cheryl more than mommy.

Mike and I ended the evening watching the Prince of Persia and all I can say is that that Jake Gyllenhaal is a cutie patootie. The end.


  1. I am so excited for the play by play summer. YAY

  2. Cathy, I'm guessing you're being sarcastic here...

  3. i actually was not. you always make me smile