Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I love when I get to catch up with my friends. Yesterday, Amy and I had a yummy lunch at La Madeleine. I always love to see Amy because I know that I'm going to laugh hysterically at some point. She always delivers. This morning Leslie called to see if we wanted to go to a new to us park in San Marcos. We were happy to do it. I looked a mess. My hair was crazy from my morning walk and I had on this new makeup that is about three shades too light for me. I looked like a clown. But my sweet friend Leslie is so thoughtful and nice that she didn't say a word about it. Yet, I do know that if I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe she would tell me about that. See the difference? Tell me about stuff I can change and overlook the rest. I love my friends.
Emma Mae is a complete mess. She spilled her water all over her on our way to the park so her clothes were all wet. Then she covered herself in dirt. Usually, she also has assorted colors of markers all over her legs. Gotta love that girl.
Jake woke up this morning and immediately put on his swim suit in hopes of a trip to the pool. He even wore his new water "gobbles" on our morning walk. Sometimes I worry about him.
The kids loved the park. Everything is wooden. After they played on all of the playscapes we headed over to the river so they could throw rocks in the water. And squeal at the water snake we saw. Good times.


  1. If I'm not mistaken, that's the park you and I went to with Darla and her kids. Remember?

  2. you are right! and no, i didn't recognize it at all...because i am crazy.