Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our little graduate

Somehow, someway the five year old graduated from pre-K on Wednesday. When did he get so big?? One of my friends asked me if I thought I would cry at graduation and I was all "I don't think so." I mean, it's not like he graduated from Kinder or high school or college or anything. But when I saw those little guys filing into the school gym I felt my eyes get all wet and I looked at Mike and said "I think I'm going to cry!" Caught me totally off guard. As I'm sure many more moments in the rearing of these children will do.

They sang a cute song with hand motions and everything. Jake kept grabbing his crotch also which I don't think was one of the learned hand motions for this particular song. Maybe he was nervous. Maybe he was just channeling Michael Jackson.

Jake and Jaden cutting up as usual. Jake ran onto the stage with his knees up high like a football player running through tires at training camp. And you guessed it, all of the boys followed his example after him. I was so proud. I'm sure his teachers were too.

Four of his favorite partners in crime, otherwise known as his "team".

And Mae, the girl of our dreams...


  1. So sweet. I remember those days (my kids are now young adults.) They go by so fast. When my daughter graduated college, I placed a pic of her getting her diploma in a hinged frame (2 pictures) along side her graduation from pre-school. Her happy face is the same. :-)

  2. I have to say I had a moment at Liam's preschool graduation. They walked into the song pomp and circumstance and i teared up, totally caught me off guard. although, i get weepy at a lot these days. lol