Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer adventure number 1

Last Friday while my parents were here we decided to visit a local zoo that we had never been to before. Rumor had it they were harboring a brand new baby zebra. This is one of the first little guys we saw and he was not in an enclosure of any kind. I think he was an escapee.

What's a zoo without a pot bellied pig or two?

Have you ever heard a peacock? They say "HELP!" in the weirdest bird voice ever. This guy kept throwing up all of his feathers and then he would move them really fast to make this strange humming/vibrating noise. He was doing it to scare the guinea pigs that were in the enclosure with him. (We watched "we bought a zoo" the other night and I learned that enclosure is the proper zoo terminology. not cage. or pen. or prison.) Anyway, it's like I always say...if you can't stand the guinea pigs then get out of the guinea pig enclosure.

We finally found them! Mama and baby seem to be doing just fine.

Is there anything cuter than a baby zebra?

Well, these three come pretty close.

Shh. Don't disturb her. It's the elusive Emma Mae adorned with the elusive purple hair clip. Very, very rare.

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