Friday, January 18, 2013

A list of five

1.) I think I've discussed the weight issues of our favorite canine around here. The last time we took him to the vet she strongly urged us to stop giving him treats and scraps unless it was carrots or green beans. She also told me to cut back on the amount of food I give him every day. So we did. For the most part. He really does not like carrots. But he's ok with green beans. Anyway, this dog acts like he is starving all of the time. He follows me around giving me the sad eyes or he just lays around looking depressed. He also steals food off of the kids plates whenever he can. So today we took him back to the vet to weigh him and see if we were feeding him responsibly or slowly starving him to death. And good news! He has lost 4 pounds! And we're feeding him the right amount of food but his stomach just doesn't know it yet. I will say he seemed a bit smug when I told him that he now weighs a pound less than me. But he still turned down my offer of a carrot at snack time.

2.) Mike and I tried to give up wheat for a week for a New Year's torture resolution. I lasted exactly twelve hours. Oh carbs, it is so hard for me to quit you!

3.) This actually happened a couple weeks ago but it is too good not to share. So, Jake woke up one morning and came to give me a hug. But first, he looked me in the eye and said "mama, there's something i just have to tell you." So I said, "okay." And he said, "last night I woke up and I could NOT stop thinking about the candy in my room. So I just got out of bed, got a piece of candy, and ate it right up. I know it was wrong and I'm so sorry that I did that." And I was like, "what's wrong with that?" The boy is so my son.

4.) Yesterday Emma Mae and I got to have lunch with one of my most favorite people on planet Earth. It was mine and Amy's annual birthday get together. I guess most people have birthdays annually. She was nice enough to treat me to a wonderful cheeseburger and fries. And I was nice enough to keep her company I guess. Aquarians rock! Love my Amy. If I was Amy Poehler, she would be my Tina Fey.

5.) Tonight was kind of a hard night. The kids got that thing going where they couldn't possibly clean up their mess from the day. Then when I told them that I would be happy to pick up the toys but that I would keep them for myself they went berserk. There was much crying and sadness. And that was just from me. Anyhow, there is nothing quite so disheartening after a long day of washing dishes (remind me to tell you about that later), doing laundry and encouraging your offspring to pick up every single last toy they got out during the day than to hear a gross noise from the cat. A noise that tells you as you rub the back of the last child waking that kitty has just thrown up all over the kitchen floor. Twice. Thank you and good night.

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  1. I'm so sorry about your bad night. I've had those too—including the animal messes. Definitely not what you need after a long day...

    Kids say some adorable things! Your son sounds so cute. :)

    I couldn't even attempt to give up wheat. Good for you for trying!

    Have a nice weekend. :)