Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reindeer games

Today I asked Emma to tell me about her favorite party of the school day. It was playing in the gym. Funny thing is a teacher from a different class happened to be in the gym when Em's class was there and came to tell me about it. Seems little miss Em spent the entire gym time telling everyone what to do and basically trying to keep the little boys in line. This teacher was cracking up because she didn't realize how verbal miss thing has become. She has really come out of her shell the past year.

Emma also told me about her least favorite part of the day. No one would let her sing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. She was very sad. So I asked her when she was trying to sing Rudolph and she said during rest time. So I told her that during rest time she needs to be quiet so everyone can sleep. It is not the time to be singing Rudolph. So then she told me that those other kids were making all this loud noise and they were not letting her focus on going to sleep. So instead she wanted to sing. Such is life.

Emma Mae got two toys for Christmas that she just loves. Well, she got a lot of things for Christmas that she loves but these two things are tops right now. First, she got a new tea set. She's never had one and she was so excited to get it. If we've had one tea party since Christmas we've had a hundred. They are always very involved with details that crack me up. Like using her blankets as a table cloth, using paper towels as napkins, and most importantly just obeying every command that Emma gives during the party. She is very bossy.

The second thing is her Doc McStuffins doctor kit. Today she gave me a shot in the ear. Let's hope she doesn't become a real doctor someday because she seems to enjoy a little bit of the torture.

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