Saturday, January 5, 2013

If you give a mama some freedom

This morning Mike kicked me out of the house so I could get another break from the kids. !! You know what?

If you give a mama some time off she's gonna take it. She'll get in her car and drive to Kohl's. She'll be looking for the perfect pair of warm fleecy boots to wear but she'll get distracted by the cute little girls clothes. The little girl clothes will remind her that she has a little girl. So she'll buy some.

Then she'll drive on over to Target. She'll have flashbacks from her post traumatic stress disorder caused by previous trips to Target with the offspring. So she'll make a stop at the Starbucks inside Target to caffeinate and soothe her nerves. I know that sounds counter productive but this is my story okay?

Then she'll trot over to the shoe department to look for those warm fleecy boots again. She'll try on a pair of size 6 tan fleecy boots that are a bit too small. Then she'll try on a pair of size 7 purple fleecy boots that are a bit too big. Then she'll wonder why Target doesn't carry half sizes. Then she'll try on the size 6 and the size 7 again. Then she'll spend the next ten minutes staring at the shelves lamenting the fact that there are no half sizes. Then she'll give up on the boots.

She'll walk past the children's clothes where boys jeans are on sale and she'll remember that she has a boy at home. So she'll buy some. Then she'll see a dead cricket on the floor. Which reminds her that she also has a lizard at home. So she'll drive over to the pet store to buy some crickets.

Then she'll get a call from her hubby asking her where the recipe for the beef and broccoli is at. Which reminds her that it is almost lunch time. So she'll drive home.

Then she'll walk in the house where she sees the children she escaped from for 2 1/2 hours. And they'll squeal and run over to her calling "MAMA!" Then they'll throw their arms around her for a big bear hug. And you know what? If you give a mama a bear hug she's gonna take it.

And after all of that my friend Leslie called to see if it would be a good time to come over. So she and her son came over and spent a couple hours with us. It was so nice! Leslie got to receive several medical check ups from Emma Mae with her new Doc McStuffins doctor kit. We also had a tea party with lots of rules. We had to sit on a pillow. Leslie and I had to wear a necklace. Emma was only serving ordinary plain tea. No flavors. I was so stressed out from all of Emma's orders that I needed a little something slipped in with my tea if you know what I mean. Anyhow, great day and I am still ready to get back to school on Monday.

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  1. That sounds like such a great day! I love all your references to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie—very fun!

    Happy Weekend!