Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Today I woke up at the crack of dawn, put my fuzzy socks on and stumbled to the kitchen to make some blueberry muffins for the family to show them how much I love them on this day of hearts, candy and overly expensive greeting cards. Jake and Emma Mae got out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen where they discovered a few Valentine treats left by the Valentine fairy, Santa Valentine, the Valentine Bunny, Little Mama and Big Daddy.

Emma got a My Little Pony pony because to say she is obsessed with these ponies is putting it mildly and some new pj's. Jake got a BatMan because why not? and a Ninjago t-shirt. They each got one obligatory candy item as well.

Jake has exactly 45 minutes to get ready every morning or else he misses the bus and I have to put on real clothes and act like I care about my appearance at 7:30 in the morning to take him to school. You can see why we push him to make the bus every day right? Well. It was very hard for him to "focus" as Emma Mae would say on getting ready this morning when he had a brand new BatMan toy that needed to be broken in. How can a child be super speedy when running around playing but slower than maple syrup to get dressed in the morning? He finally got dressed and sat down to eat his muffin with about 10 minutes left before bus arrival. The next ten minutes went something like this. "Jake. Eat your muffin."  "Jake. Take a bite of your muffin." "Jake! You need to eat your muffin before the bus gets here!" "Jake. Try to focus on your breakfast. Eat your muffin. Drink your juice." "Jake. You have two minutes left. Forget about the muffin. Go brush your teeth. Let's go, let's go, let's GO!" We like to have nice relaxing meals around here.

Once Jake and Mike had left for school I decided it was time to pull out a workout video to counter effect all of the crap I would likely eat today. So for the next thirty minutes I let Jillian Michaels torture me by saying things like "focus on your body. Hey! Don't phone this thing in. Put in the time." Good Lord. If I wanted to hear someone bark like a drill sargeant all morning I would just listen to myself trying to get Jake ready every day.

After I got my sweat on and showered and dressed for the day, Emma Mae and I made our weekly trip to Target and Petco. She will have so many fond memories of her childhood someday. Let me start off by saying that getting Emma out the door is no cake walk either. Here is the question that I hate asking every single day. The question that always ends up with me pulling out some hair, or raising my voice in an angry way, or with someone in the house rolling up in the fetal position. The question is "where are your shoes?" I know where my shoes are, do you? For some reason the six year old and the three and three quarters year old never have a clue about their shoes. When we finally located a pair we had the same old discussion about what was wrong with them. According to Emma all of her shoes are too tight! And she doesn't know how to put them on herself. It is literally exhausting.

Anyhow, we finally made it out of the house. We hit up the Starbucks in Target because I had a coupon for 50% off of their desserts. Emma chose a cake pop and I chose a cheesecake brownie to eat with my mocha because hey, why else am I working out? My favorite lady at this Starbucks told me she couldn't take my coupon because it wasn't good at Target Starbucks. So I had to pay full price for the treats. Listen. This hit me hard. The thought of paying full price for something that I have a coupon for half off of is ridiculous to me. I don't care about your rules. Starbucks is Starbucks for crying out loud. Anyway, we took our treats and slunk off to the dollar aisle to browse. Ya'll. I couldn't even make it down the dollar aisle because they were restocking and there were Target employees and their carts all over the place. I'm not sure why, but I just started crying. I'm pretty sure I was still reeling from coupon rejection but maybe there were also some PMS hormones involved. I pulled myself together after a couple minutes and Emma and I managed to finish our shopping duties at Target and went over to Petco to find her a bottom feeding fish for her fish tank. Ya'll. They were out of bottom feeding fish. I wish I could say I didn't tear up when the girl told me that but it would be a lie.

We went home to lick our wounds and decided after lunch to go up to Jake's school for their class Valentines party. I'm so glad we did. This was the first party I've been able to attend for Kindergarten and it was so cute to see all of the kids interact with each other. Of course, once Emma warmed up to the thought of everyone looking at her she started running around the room, hugging her brother and generally threatening to ensure that Mrs. Ware would put in a request to not be her Kinder teacher. Which made me cry just a little bit.

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