Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh no she didn't

Most nights at dinner we have family prayer. The kids always want to say the prayer themselves. Last night, it was Emma Mae's turn. She usually says a standard "thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus for our food, for our food and our many blessings and our many blessings. amen, amen." It's a song they learn at mother's day out. And I love it. But I do dream about the day when they begin praying from their own heart. Well, last night was it.

She started out saying "God, I love you so much." (Precious.) Then she said "please help all of the people" (good girl, good sweet, loving girl) "by giving them more money. amen" (she wants people to have enough money to buy food, she is a kind, thoughtful, beautiful girl).

Needless to say, I praised her efforts. I told her how wonderful I thought it was that she wanted God to help people have the things they need. And she told me "yeah, I just really want God to give you more money so you can send me to dance class." "Because I need to learn how to twirl." Way to bring it on back to yourself little girl. Way to do that. Note to self: Remember to talk about selflessness with offspring. Also, stop discussing financial situation in front of the small ones.

Let's move on to this afternoon. I took Emma Mae to the post office to mail some stuff. Super exciting. But across the street from the post office is Cabela's. Sister really wanted to go over there to see the animals that adorn that store (otherwise known as the wall of death by some of our friends.) So we went. We were having a delightful time actually right up until Emma walked straight up to a larger man standing around looking at fishing poles. And she pointed her little finger right at him. And she said in her loudest voice ever "now, THAT's a fat man." Ya'll. I pushed her into the small aquarium at Cabela's and said "Oh! Look at the fish Emma!" Then when we were far enough away from the man I had a discussion with her about kindness and things that we shouldn't say out loud. It seems my work here is never done. And I think I will be cancelling all future public appearances by Emma Mae until further notice.

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  1. HA! love the prayers. Kids are so honest, as you found out later in the day. :-) Also funny!