Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend happenings

The weekend felt like a whirlwind. I'm not one who likes to be really busy. I like to enjoy doing nothing on a regular basis. With a little fun thrown in here and there. Ask my friends. Back in my single days they had to schedule outings pretty far in advance so I could make sure I wouldn't be too tired to go out that day. I just feel pressured when I have something to do every single day.

So I try not to overbook the kids lives as well. But on Saturday we had two, count them, two things to do. Social engagements. The first was a play date with one of Jake's friends from preschool. We hadn't seen him in awhile and I really enjoy his mama too so we were looking forward to their visit. They came over, the boys played, Emma entertained us mommies and then we headed to the park for awhile. It was perfectly lovely.

But right after they left we had to eat lunch and make our way to another park for a birthday party for one of Jake's classmates. Challenging times I know. The kids had a great time. They swang. They climbed. They ran around. Then the local fire department showed up and let the kids tour the fire truck. The firemen asked the kiddos if they would like to learn more about the fire truck or safety and the kids chose safety. WHAT?! Anyway, the patient firemen spent the next fifteen minutes or so going over fire safety with these kids. The fireman asked the kids if you get down low or stay up high to avoid smoke. Everyone said Stay Low! Then Emma Mae had to put in her two cents worth. So she said "well in my house I would get down low and crawl on the floor until I found Zoe my cat and blah, blah, blah." She went on for about four minutes. This poor man was so kind. He let her talk until she was done. Then he said what if there is a fire and you make it out of the house but Fluffy does not? Do you go back in for Fluffy? Everyone said no. But Emma Mae said "hey, we don't even have a Fluffy at our house!" The fireman looked at her kindly and said "okay." Eventually, I had to distract Emma from the fire talk because her commentary was getting ridiculous. So she went back to the swings while the firemen finished up their public service birthday party obligations.

Then yesterday we went to church, out to lunch for burgers and fries because I'm starting a new "lifestyle choice" today which excludes flavor or anything my body craves, then we hit up the pet store for a couple new fish for Em's tank. I also had to make chocolate chip cookies when we got home for Mike to take to one of his classes today because snack time is not just for Kindergarteners anymore.

I am totally wiped out today. And we had another play date at the park this morning. Which involved Jake accidentally backing over a toddler with his Hot Wheels Jeep and Emma Mae telling the entire park population that we can't afford dance class. Listen. I know that to most people this sounds like normal activity. But for me it makes my brain hurt. I fear this is too much socializing for me to take. So for the rest of the day we are going to lay low and maybe review some fire safety rules or practice driving without hitting pedestrians.

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  1. the same way. We had so much going this weekend. Sadly I have more in store this week and through the weekend. I need some quiet time. lol