Sunday, February 3, 2013

Meanwhile, at Little Mama

1.) I'm a little behind here at Little Mama. Like that's never happened before! We finished up my birthday week with a lunch date at Chuy's with two of my friends and breakfast donuts from Gordoughs last Sunday morning that put our entire family into some sort of sugar induced coma for the rest of the day. They were delicious. But big. And heavy. And delicious. I took a picture of them on my phone but I have no idea how to get that from the phone to the computer. It seems like it should be easy, but turns out that it is impossible for me.

2.) I did the unthinkable Sunday night after the morning sugar indulgence. I cancelled a babysitter Mike had set up so we could go out and have dinner. Isn't that crazy? I just wasn't feeling it. I think by that point I was officially over my birthday. So we ordered a pizza from the Italian place we were going to go to and ate it at home with the kids. And it was perfect.

3.) After Sunday school last week Emma Mae informed me that Jesus loves popcorn. I was curious about this information. So I asked her how she knew that Jesus loved popcorn. And she told me her Sunday school story for the day. It seems there were some bad people who were going to do bad things to Jesus. So Jesus made popcorn and invited some animals to come over and they had a party instead. Now, I am not familiar with this particular Bible story. But I would like to read it so if you know where in the Bible this comes from please let me know.

4.) Jake had his well child check up last week. In the last year he has put on 2 whole pounds and grown 2 inches. We were really hoping he would be 40 pounds this year so we could legally put him in a booster seat. But alas, the scale only said 38. However, his doctor said we could go ahead and get him in a booster seat as long as it had the five point harness system instead of using a seat belt. So basically, I researched booster seats, agonized over the decision and ordered him one yesterday. Now, I have to convince him that it really is a step up from his "baby seat" even though it looks very similiar.

5.) I also asked the Dr. to do a vision screening test on Jake. With Mike and I as his parents it would be a miracle if this child doesn't need glasses at some point. Well, one eye passed. But the other eye failed. So, it looks like we'll be seeking out a good children's eye doctor sometime soon.

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  1. Hi Kim- I couldn't put Kate into a booster seat until a few weeks ago (and she was STILL 39 pounds)... I finally just felt bad for her in the "baby" seat (she's 5 1/2). And hilarious that Jesus likes popcorn.