Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Grade!

It's that time again! What a difference a year makes! I just read the post I wrote last year about sending Jake off to Kindergarten and I was a mess! And although I am feeling a little sad about starting another school year, a part of me is feeling a little glad at the same time. We have had many long days of summer to hang out, have fun and get on each other's nerves. It is time to go back.

Jake couldn't be more excited. We met his new first grade teacher last week and she seems very nice. I've also had a couple neighbors tell me that she is wonderful. Good to have back up confirmation. And when I saw that she sent home a note to parents asking us to send her an email or write her a letter letting her know about our child I was pumped. I'm going to try and be slightly less melodramatic than I was with my letter to Jake's Kinder teacher. So without further adieu:

Dear Mrs. Harris,

I'm giving my boy over to you for seven hours a day five days a week. He will be spending more time with you and his classmates than he spends with me now. He's so little. Please be kind. But firm. You're gonna need to be firm. Here are some things you need to know about Jake:

1.) He is a dreamer. He spends more time in his imagination than he does in reality. I like this about him. Please don't kill it.

2.) He loves animals-especially ocean animals. Please foster his interests.

3.) He loses focus easily unless actively engaged in something he enjoys. Please give him tools to do better.

4.) He is a superhero. Please help him to put away his super powers while at school but to know deep down that he still has them. Don't cut those spider webs just yet.

5.) He is sensitive. He may cry over something that nobody else would cry over. Please give him a quick hug and tell him to buck up.

6.) He is a leader. Watch how kids will follow him. Encourage that without giving him a big head. Help him to use those powers for good and not evil.

7.) He has recently learned potty humor. For this I am truly sorry.

8.) He is enthusiastic. Please teach him patience and humility without quenching his enthusiasm.

9.) He really does not like to write sentences. Please find a way to make writing seem fun.

10.) He does not like to lose. He is often a bad sport about losing. Please remind him that doing his best is really what matters most.

He is my heart. I miss him when he is gone. Please protect him. But help him become independent. On the days you can't love him ask me why I love him. I'll fill you in on his good qualities. Please equip him to move on in life to second grade. I'll do my part here if you do your part there. Let's be partners. Oh and try to do the same for the other 21 kids in your class. (You seriously don't make enough money.) 

(ok. so mainly I copied and pasted my kinder letter. Still pretty melodramatic, isn't it? Maybe I'll do better in second grade!)

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  1. I love your letter. I will remember it when teaching my 2nd graders. Promise. You made me cry. You did that last year too.