Monday, August 26, 2013

First grade!

Well, we sent little man off for another year of higher learning this morning. Welcome to first grade! He said he was excited to go back to school and make new friends.

Little sis was not so excited to see him go. I heard Jake tell her this morning that he would need to give her a hug and a kiss before he left because he was going to miss us all more than we would even know. Awesome. That's when I started contemplating homeschooling again. Then I remembered how much we've all been bickering for the last three weeks around here and hauled him off to school.

Last hug of the morning. Could these two be any more beautiful?

You can tell he was thrilled that I followed him into his new classroom to take one last picture can't you? I felt totally fine leaving him at school this morning. It was much better than the Kinder drop off where I felt like my heart might literally pop out of my chest. I knew he would be fine. Then along about 10am I really started missing him. And my heart felt funny the rest of the day. Luckily, my friend Misty came over to distract me until it was time to leave to pick Jake up for the day.

The pick up line at school the first week sucks. Emma and I had to wait for 20 minutes before we got our boy in the car with us. We were so excited to see him and I could tell he was happy to see us. Later on, he told me the things he liked best about the day. He got to take his beloved crabby for show and tell. He got to play with some old friends. He met some new friends although he doesn't have a clue what their names are yet. He got to decorate a cookie and eat it. He had some trouble with friends wanting to play with different people at recess though. That breaks my heart. I keep telling him to find someone that doesn't have anyone to play with and be a friend to that person. We'll see how that goes.

Then tonight while he was taking his bath he asked me how much longer first grade was going to last. So I told him until next summer. And he said "aw man. I really want to spend some more time hanging out with you guys." That broke my heart too. I know he was just really tired from a long day back at school, but I so wanted to tell him that I would home school him and he could stay home with me forever and someday when he's 35 I would find him a wife and she would be so happy living with all of us forever. I didn't though. I just told him how much I love him and miss him when he's gone but that first grade was going to be so much fun and he needs to keep going so he can fill up his brain. We'll see how that goes too!

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