Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy 32! Happy, happy, happy!

Yesterday was Mike's 32nd birthday. Poor thing. I feel like it was the epitome of what a parent with small children's birthday inevitably becomes. Just another day. It doesn't help that his birthday comes in August and my brain has officially left the building sometime around July 1st. It normally doesn't come back again until November when things cool down around here. August. Texas. Hot. Enough said.

I did attempt an outing to WalMart on Friday to find a small gift for him. We have no money in August either. So, I'm talking really small. As in a 4 by 4 Rubik's cube small. I generally hate and despise going into WalMart because it smells funny in there. And also the aisles are usually in complete disarray. And also some if not most of the clientele at our local WalMart choose to wear inappropriate day time shopping attire when they visit. And also I think that WalMart is the place where hope goes to die. I'm just sayin'. I prefer Target with their bright red colors, dollar aisles and welcoming Starbucks aromas when I walk through the double doors.

But Target wasn't gonna happen yesterday. I chose to go out around 3pm which meant the black faux leather interior of my car was approximately 3000 degrees. I was already in my after 10am heat induced sluggish brain coma and WalMart seemed like a better option because it is only ten minutes away from our house. Turns out I should have just stayed home and taken a nap. After following some other shuffling zombies around the store for awhile I came to the conclusion that WalMart doesn't offer Rubik's cubes to its patrons. That is very telling my friends. Very telling indeed.

So Mike got nothing for his birthday. Except a day with his kiddos because wouldn't you know I started back to work yesterday too? Teacher in-service day. I did bake him a cake the day before but did not see fit to frost it until I got home from work on Saturday. It was just too. much. I did tell him on Friday night that there would be no birthday gift this year because I suck. And also WalMart sucks. So hopefully, he was prepared. At least we took him out to eat at his choice restaurant to commemorate the day. Thank you Rudy's! You saved what could have gone down as the worst birthday ever.

I believe he is thinking "Today I turned 32 and all I got was this stupid cake!" Love you honey! May your next birthday be more special and perhaps celebrated in Colorado or California or Alaska.


  1. I love you too honey! Thank you!

  2. sweet. I think the best things about dads is that they just go with the flow, don't expect much, just quietly save the day and support the family. Happy, happy day to your hubs!