Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Saturday after Mike got off work I made, I mean asked, him to go to the local Earth Day Festival here in town. I was pretty excited because I'm a fan of the Earth Day, I enjoy festivals, and I just needed to get out of the house. The advertisement for this event claimed that it would be a great family affair and there would be lots for the children to do. Clearly this was a win/win situation for us.

Only, not so much. There were several vendors set up with some posters promoting their organizations and stuff and there was some guy singing and playing guitar. But, that was about it. What did they have for the kids to do you ask? Well, they had some old boxes piled up for the kiddos to crawl through. WOW! That kept Jake busy for about three minutes. And they had face painting but we didn't subject him to that. I was just a little disappointed. Earth Day should be such a much greater event! I kept thinking of all of the organizations that should have been involved, but weren't. And of all the cool things they could have done or had there to promote conservation and entertain at the same time. So, please, Earth Day Festival coordinators, if you need some ideas next year, call me. Otherwise, we'll just take Jake to McDonald's for lunch and give him the empty happy meal sack and a straw to play with later. And of course, we'll be recycling both of those items!


  1. Sounds like a blast.
    Did you go get your free grocery bag at HEB today?

  2. Happy Earth Day!!!!
    It is so sad to realize that Earth Day is such a global event and yet our own country does so very little to promote. We went to a festival as well on Saturday and well...there wasn't much too it. I say next year...we organize it ourselves.

  3. Let me preface this statement with I too think more should be done on Earth Day. But, I think our country is trying their best. LA is closing down Wilshire Blvd (a major street in the heart of downtown) all day for festivities. Talk about a crazy work commute today! You said yourselves you went to festivals over the weekend. Just because they aren't grand, doesn't mean the city isn't promoting. Give them a break, environmental education/conservation takes time for many people to grasp onto, yet the city is still choosing to spend money for even a minor event. Some Americans try to be health/earth conscious, but really they do what is convenient at the time. Why should cities go out of their way to make something awesome when Americans might already be done with tofu and green houses and moved onto jelly beans and igloos. I am getting off my soapbox now, thank you.